Marketing and business

  • Tell us what you need We will show you why and how we build prefabricated houses.
  • We will advise you with the selection of the land. Warning! Do you think you have a good ground for the passive house?
  • We will help you with the creation of documents on your land, because the quality of your land is the one that decides the costs of the house in relation to engineering networks and costs in the construction of the base plate.
  • Have you already found documents on your land?


  • Our architects and designers will implement projects for the settlement of your home in your land, especially for verification regulations.
  • So, we’ll show you a 3D model of the house, so you know what you’re buying.
  • Therefore, our main work in the projection is the processing of documentation for building permits and documentation for building construction.
  • How much will you pay for our services?
  • The concrete houses receive FREE most of our services!
Building Permits
  • How much are you willing to pay to avoid wasting time “discussing” with the authorities?
  • You will pay us and you will simply get the building permits without waiting.

It seems honest, is not it?


… that’s how we work …

Motherboard constructionMotherboard construction
Construction of steel skeletonConstruction of steel skeleton
Construction of roofsConstruction of roofs
SDK AssemblySDK Assembly
Installation AssemblyInstallation Assembly
Assembly of Antenna to StoneAssembly of Antenna to Stone

You will receive all the attestations, audit reports and tests. In the passive house, the result of the so-called leak test is important to you. It’s proof of home ownership, you can be part of the process.

  • Do you sometimes have to go to service and perform maintenance on your car?
  • Why is it worth going to service every year?
  • What costs and risks will arise if you do not go to the service with your car?
With the FHS houses it is very similar.

With the FHS Casas Service Planning Book, we are helping to keep the home in good condition and in many cases, avoiding further damage, which would cause serious financial loss. Our experienced assistants will visit you once or twice a year and provide technical assistance and basic maintenance of your home. Thanks to this, some parts of the warranty extend up to 100 years.

  • Errors can occur and occur in the creation of unattended material, construction or maintenance.
  • We treat complaints with grace and we always solve every problem.
  • It is important to determine the cause of the claim and to choose the right repair solution.
  • We are leveling in innovation all the members of our demands.