Prefabricated House 001

Description of the EX 6 project with the Energo Plus shelter

The EX 6 project is a representative of modern homes. The previous proposal was prepared by architects for investors who want to emphasize their individual style in an original way. The project refers to the latest trends in architecture, but remains in the financial reach of anyone planning to build a house. This large modernist building with a flat roof seems extremely impressive on each side. Furthermore, the project is a compromise between functionality, flexibility of spatial solutions and maximum use of available space, which is a sign of modernity in architecture. The project, however, is characterized by minimalism in an innovative edition. The project includes large arches, which protect the rooms from humidity and excessive exposure to the sun. The front game room creates a roof for two cars and a rear roof on the terrace. The advantage of the project is a large glazing that provides the correct portion of sunlight. The house has been designed as highly efficient in energy, equipped with mechanical ventilation with recovery. A terrestrial heat pump and a solar system are also planned.

The EX 6 home design is extremely functional. It has a clear division in day, night and economic zones. After crossing the atrium protecting it from heat loss, we enter a spacious living room consisting of a dining room and a living room. In the central point there is a fireplace, which will create a cozy atmosphere inside. The advantage of this part of the house is a winter garden separated from the window, where we can grow exotic plant species. From the hall, you can access the open kitchen adjacent to the pantry or closet.

On the left side of the EX 6 project, a private part of the house was located behind the sliding doors. There are three sets of rooms, the largest of which has its own bathroom and dressing room. For the other residents there is a bathroom, a bathroom and a large wardrobe. In addition, there is a service room available from the shed, which can be used to store garden care tools.

Production technology

External walls: bricks, two layers, cellular concrete, insulation 20 cm
Ceiling: flat roofs, insulation, 30 cm mineral wool
Facades: thin layer mineral plaster, stone cladding
Carpentry: wood, PVC or aluminum

Ground FLoor

1. Hall: 3.73 m²
2. Room: 8.63 m²
3. Kitchen: 10.32 m²
4. Pantry: 2.42 m²
5. Living room: 43.54 m²
6. Dining room: 11.84 m²
7. WC: 2.53 m²
8. Hallway: 12.48 m²
9. Bedroom: 17.53 m²
10. Bathroom: 4.64 m²
11. Wardrobe: 4.90 m²
12. Bedroom: 13.43 m²
13. Bedroom from Bed: 13.91 m²
14. Bathroom: 6.24 m²
15. Wardrobe: 4.59 m²
16. Winter garden: 10.82 m²
17. Pom. activity: of 6.53 m²
18. Pom. Activity: 7.56 m²
19. Carport: 33.74 m²



Front Side

Back Side

Side View

Another Side View

Case prefabbricate 001 Prefabricated House 001

Reference: FHS-CP-001
Pow. Usable 160,73 m²
Pow. Buildings 260.61 m²
Min. Width of Plot 29.3 m
Min. Length of Plot 22.2 m
Storeys From a plant
Attic No attic
Basement Yes
Garage Garage
Roof Type Flat
Height of House 4.52 m
Width of House 21.3 m
Length of House 14.2 m
Cubic 665.05 m³
Roof Slope 2o
Type of Building Separated
Technology Steel Frame
Style Modern
Ridge Indifferent
Bedrooms 3
Bathrooms 2
Fireplace Yes