Prefabricated House 002

Description of the Jadeit project

Jadeit is a project proposal aimed at people who appreciate minimalism in a modern edition. The simple body of the building was covered by a flat roof and the facade was embellished with thoughtful materials. Along with traditional plaster, a wooden staircase is the most common, which, through its warm nature, breaks the body’s crudity. The concrete window has been used in the window line, which contrasts well with the formwork, which gives the building an industrial character, inscribing it in a metropolitan building. A further diversification of the body is the terrace that runs along the building, partially covered by a pergola. The author proposed a division of the functional system into three zones. The living room has a large living room, a kitchen with a dining area and a small pantry. The night part of the building was located on the other side. Four bedrooms and two bathrooms have been designed here. The author of the project also managed to create an economic part, in which, in addition to a garage for two garages, he identified a large boiler room and a laundry.

Production technology

  • Ceiling: flat roof (about 2-3% fall).
  • Ceilings: reinforced concrete, cast iron.
  • Walls: 2 layers | cellular cement + polystyrene.

Construction costs (indicative)

Ground FLoor

1. Hall: 4.48 m²
2. Bedroom: 14.38 m²
3. Bedroom: 14.00 m²
4. Bedroom: 14.00 m²
5. Bedroom: 15.78 m²
6. Room: 14.33 m²
7. Room: 31.63 m²
8. Kitchen: 9.05 square meters
9. Pantry: 2.53 m²
10. Bathroom: 6.94 m²
11. Bathroom: 4.81 m²
12. Wardrobe: 4.32 m²
13. Boiler: 17.50 m²
14 Garage: 39.30 m²


Front Side

Back Side

Side View

Another Side View

Case Prefabbricate 002 Prefabricated House 002

Reference: FHS-CP-002
Pow. Usable 153.75 m²
Pow. Buildings 295.13 m²
Min. Width of Plot 30.93 m
Min. Length of Plot 26.18 m
Storeys From a plant
Attic No attic
Basement No
Garage Garage
Roof Type Flat
Height of House 5 m
Width of House 21.93 m
Length of House 18.18 m
Cubic 732 m³
Roof Slope 3o
Type of Building Separated
Technology Steel Frame
Style Modern
Ridge Indifferent
Bedrooms 5
Bathrooms 2
Fireplace Yes