Prefabricated House 010

Description of the SQ44.0 project

A modern single-family home without a garage for a family of three or four people. The house has a simple and compact body and is simple to implement. A large window from the front and side of the building effectively exposes the interior and creates a specific atmosphere of the house in combination with a winter garden, which also illuminates the bathroom and the parents’ room. In addition, the glazed part of the dining room is connected to the internal winter garden, which allows additional communication with the bedroom and the bathroom in summer. The winter garden, which is heated, naturally has an auxiliary function in the heating of the building in winter, as well as with the proper development of vegetation, it can help keep the air fresh in the house, which can be very useful in Times of growing smog. The design of the rooms allows, if necessary, the separation of the kitchen part from a corridor wall. The house does not have a basement The house can easily be located on the ground with entrance / entrance from the south.

Production technology

  • Foundations with foundation walls made of concrete blocks.
  • External walls: Ytong Energo 48cm U = 0.19.
  • Internal walls: GK 12 cm.
  • Ceiling: flat roofs covered with UV-resistant waterproof membrane.
  • Facades: acrylic plaster.

Ground FLoor

1. Foyer: 3.60 m²
2. Living room: 29.21 m²
3. communication: 9.11 m²
4. Bedroom 1: 13.12 square meters
5. Room 2: 10.77 m²
6. Room 3: 13.42 m²
7. Wardrobe: 3.49 m²
8. Bathroom: 1 7.04 m²
9. Bathroom: 2. 4,10 m²
10. WC: 1.26 m²
11. Laundry / boiler room: 3.40 m²
12. kitchen: 22.43 m²
13. Dining room: 10.74 m²
14. Winter garden: 11.32 m²
15. Surface area: 131.69 m²

Front Side

Back Side

Side View

Another Side View

Case Prefabbricate 010 Prefabricated House 010

Reference: FHS-CP-010
Pow. Usable 131.69 m²
Pow. Buildings 174.85 m²
Min. Width of Plot 22.76 m
Min. Length of Plot 24.06 m
Storeys From a plant
Attic No attic
Basement No
Garage Without Garage
Roof Type Flat
Height of House 3.82 m
Width of House 14.76 m
Length of House 15.06 m
Cubic 619 m³
Roof Slope 1o
Type of Building Separated
Technology Steel Frame
Style Modern
Ridge Indifferent
Bedrooms 4
Bathrooms 3
Fireplace Yes